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Configure Web Services through Code in Business Central

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Introduction: When coding an app that uses Webservices to connect to the integration solutions, it is generally recommended that there is a Setup, which we can configure, where the Webservices are created as well as deleted. Pre-requisites: Business Central VS Code with AL Language Extension Demonstration: Create a Setup Page having a boolean variable say […]

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Customize DED Transformation Rule in Business Central

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Introduction: Dealing with Electronic Bank Payment Setup can be tedious and time consuming. In this blog, I’ve a unusual requirement where the payment date should be the next day of the check issue date. Thus we will customize Data Exchange Definition Transformation Rule in Business Central. Pre-requisite: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central VS Code and AL […]

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Customize Void-Check Indicator for Positive Pay in NAV/BC

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Scenario: There is a client requirement where the Positive Pay Export has a void-check indicator which needs to be 3 Text character. Although there is 1 Text character field for Void Check Indicator in standard positive pay, I couldn’t get it to convert to the desired format by using Transformation Rules or Text Padding. Thus […]

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